About Us

#Nature is a wonderful healer. To harness the power of nature in the healing process , we formed our company to provide holistic natural solutions to health problems.

Pitrashish take all aspects of health and aging seriously and that includes physical well-being, skin-care and grooming –and believe that the magic of herbs and herbal compounds can contribute greatly to the entire spectrum.

All our products are based on herbs ,botanical extracts and other natural herbal ingredients. Our range-

# Contains zero animal products
# Contains zero mineral oil

Our entire package is kept as pure and natural as possible. We add no colorants to our products and wherever a fragrance is used , it is created by using natural botanic and essential extracts.

Company Profile

Big ideas that crystallize into action are the motivating baseline ideology of the Pitrashish Group,strategically renamed as Pitrashish since 2010.Pitrashish Marketing Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.is one of its sister concern that is engaged in sales and marketing as well as distribution of variety of FMCG,Personal Care and Health Wellness Products through various sales methods such as Retail,Institutional selling ,Exhibitions.

Pitrashish is committed to manufacture and distribute world class organic and eco-friendly personal care products and takes ample efforts in educating its consumers about the ill-effects of using chemical based synthetic products.It also distributes a variety of effective and result-oriented health and wellness products and educates consumers about the adverse effects of mal-nourishment and encourages them to adopt safe and preventive lifestyle.