It is true that pharmaceutical medicine is woks fast, but it works only for specifics targeted diseases. Let’s explain, if your body contain three types of diseases you need three types of medicines. As it expensive in one hand and on the other hand, its bad side effects may fall you another diseases any time. Here have a great alternative way which is continue since at the start of the civilization. It’s called natural remedies. Herbs is that’s kind of medicine where did not use any kinds of chemical which are responsible for creating harsh side effect.


Pitrashish Marketing Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is one of the sister concerns of Pitrashish Group. Those who are failure in life in every way and who want to start new professional life come and join us to be success surely. We have vastly experienced and expert team who are always ready to help you. If you are optimistic, laborious, enthusiastic nothing prevent you to reach your goal. There are more than one reason to be succeed here, we are reputed organization, and totally responsible to our member. Our business plan is easy to understand.


We are, in Pitrashish Marketing Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. providing such a business plan that opens a vast opportunity before you. If you can grab it and utilize it enthusiastically you must be gainer. As we are committed to manufacture and distribute world class organic and eco-friendly personal care products so you will get benefit from those products. As well as you will get a easy and simple business paln which helps you to earn a lots. There more benefits are available. you will know it gradually,


#Nature is a wonderful healer. To harness the power of nature in the healing process , we formed our company to provide holistic natural solutions to health problems.

Pitrashish take all aspects of health and aging seriously and that includes physical well-being, skin-care and grooming –and believe that the magic of herbs and herbal compounds can contribute greatly to the entire spectrum.

All our products are based on herbs ,botanical extracts and other natural herbal ingredients. Our range-

#Contains zero animal products
# Contains zero mineral oil


Important News !!!
This is to inform you all, that Face wash (orange heaven) has been discontinued. Therefore, stock and offer is no more available. 


Congratulations!!! Our reward achievers...

Gold / 1.09 Lakhs
1. Ashis Kr Bakshi, 2. Follow me & 3. Durga.
Two wheeler – Follow me, Durga, Shavam, Lalji Sen, Sailen Dey, Shivam & Biswajit Chatterjee.
RefrigeratorShavam, Lalji Sen, Biswajit Chatterjee, Durga, India, Sailen Dey, Shivam, Chandan,  Sujoy Kr. Ghosh, Pampa Ruidas, Gayatri, Simanta Sadhu, Surajit Bhowmick & Mani Kumar Mondal.
SmartphoneShavam, Champion, Lalji Sen, Biswajit Chatterjee, Durga, Jai Mata Di, Gayatri, Nepal Ruidas, Sanjib1, Biswajit Gope, Pari, Chandan, Sujoy Kr. Ghosh, Sanju Pathak, Surajit Bhowmick & Tom. 


Very Important News !! 

Introductory Offer on 3-in-1 Face wash will close on 13-04-14. Therefore the actual DP Rs.140 and MRP Rs.175 will be effective from 14th Apr’14.

New rate of Mint Squash will be effective from 22-04-14. DP - Rs.108 and MRP - 135 will be the new price..

Also to inform you that price of Pitrashish Tulsi Gold increase soon.

Therefore you are requested to bill the lying stock of above mentioned products as early as possible with the existing rate.  



Date : 20th April'14.
Venue : Rabindra Okakura Bhavan,
Address :
27/A/1, Sector-1, DD Block, Saltlake City, Kolkata-700064. Nr. City Center-1


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